Monday, March 10, 2008

Pot Roast + Spring Cleaning

Mira has been doing very well over the past week or so, with the exception of yesterday when she basically cried off an on for 4 hours - most of the afternoon. Sarah and I jokingly chalked it up to daylight savings time - it must have thrown her whole 'chi' off. She was pretty irritable all day, since every time she wanted to doze off, it was time to go somewhere, so she never had a chance to decompress. Today was better for her, although she still had trouble getting to sleep.

On the flip side, we discovered that one of Mira's new found friends is pot roast. Sarah found an excellent recipe for a roast and creamy potatoes and Mira cannot seem to get enough of it. I think she would eat is for three meals a day if we let her. She will snub yogurt all day long, but put a spoonful of pureed roast in front of her and she snaps right out of it and chomps it down. Needless to say, looks like we will be cooking it more often!

As of March 2nd, Mira has been seizure free for 4 months solid! She periodically rolls her eyes upwards, sometimes with a 'fluttering' motion, but it doesn't appear to be seizure related. It looks like it is more self-stimulating than anything. She is constantly squirming, so trying to hold her is no longer an option - her movements (back-arching and throwing herself backwards) make it increasingly difficult to carry her and get her in and out of the car sometimes. In her crib, she is often thrashing from side to side, flinging her legs up in the air, and is still putting her hands in her mouth, all the time. Most of this behavior surfaced after she became seizure free, so to us, it's a sign that she is making some progress.

We are doing some spring cleaning around the house, donating clothes and books, shredding old papers and getting the house in order to get on the market in about 2 weeks. In the meantime, we are narrowing our house search to a particular area. This after driving neighborhoods and checking out schools over the past month.