Friday, November 2, 2012

Mira's New Chair + Equipment

Mira's new chair arrived late last week! Mira had grown so much over the past 18 months that she quickly outgrew her old Zippie Iris. Her new chair is a larger scale Zippie Iris, with additional side supports (to hopefully keep her from scooting and slouching in her chair) and better lateral supports. The new larger head rest will also help Mira with head and neck support. We also ordered her a new bath chair and a new car seat, both of which she had  grown too big for. All three pieces are working great - thank you Variety KC!!!

On a side note, Mira is now completely off of clorazepate, a medication she had been on for several years. We have not noticed any major side affects and are happy to have her off of it. On the direction of her neurologist, we had originally added it to her daily medications to help with some severe irritability. She is now on a dosage of clobazam, which is much less sedating. Mira seems to be more engaged and active now.