Sunday, February 2, 2014

Very Brief Update

We just finished weaning Mira off of Onfi, after being on it for 18 months or so - I forget how long its been, but nonetheless, she is done with it. We tried increasing the dosage on several occassions, but it failed to have a positive effect on her seizures. It frankly just increased her drooling and made her more lethargic. Mira continues to take Lyrica, which she has been on for 5+ years. It doesn't completely control her seizures, but it is the best we can hope for, for now. 

With all of the buzz (no pun intended) with CBD/THC, we thought it might be worth a shot to try holy basil, which supposedly has some of the same effects/mechanisms as CBD, yet is legal. Mira has been on a low dosage since the end of December, but it has failed to helped. We will give it a little longer until we completely abandon it.

Will update pics soon.