Saturday, May 26, 2007

Box Fan Love

So after many, many months (actually years....) of Mira not sleeping through the night, we found something that has worked beautifully, as of late - a box fan! We have a 'white noise' machine that we have used for months, with no consistency of her sleeping through the night. She was getting up every 1-2 hours, every night. Well, after things started warming up here in KC, we turned on the attic fan (which makes a lot of noise during the night) and she slept great for a couple of nights when it was on. In order to replicate the noise when the AC is on and the windows are shut, we took out an old box fan, which has a very similar noise to the attic fan and she has slept through the night THREE NIGHTS IN A ROW!!!!

Could be the fan, could be something else - I don't care. Sleep is sleep.

On a side note, we are awaiting the results of some additional genetic testing done - as soon as we get it, I will post.

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