Monday, July 23, 2007

Continuing the (further) Modified Atkins Diet

After some discussion about what to do next, Sarah and I spoke again with neurology and decided to continue the Modified Atkins Diet, while seriously cutting back on Mira's egg, cream, and butter (high fat/cholesterol) intake. We area going to try to get her calories from other foods, so she can try and maintain some sort of ketosis and get the calories that she needs too.

We decided that waiting another month and putting her back on her regular foods (very carb heavy) is just a waste of time. We would rather not continue down the path of ineffective medications for yet another month or more, while waiting for her cholesterol levels to (ideally) come down. We feel that we can hopefully counteract some of the levels with the Omega 3, while also drastically cutting back on her daily cholesterol intake.

We have a standing appointment with Mira's pediatrician in a couple weeks and with neurology at the end of August. We are also trying to get into seeing a metabolic geneticist and the endocrinologist, which might take a month or so.

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