Monday, February 4, 2008

Three Months Seizure Free

Saturday marked three full months of Mira being seizure free! She continues to do well, although her eating is still not up to par and hasn't been for quite some time. She tends to eat in waves, scarfing down yogurt and eating full meals for a few days, then won't eat a bite for a the next two days. We can't quite figure it out why she does this, but she is still getting plenty of fluids every day. Despite her mealtime issues, she is doing very well these days and continues to be very vocal and animated.

It was in the mid-60's this afternoon so everyone (well, almost everyone) was able to get out and enjoy the weather here. Sarah took the kids to the park and Eli was able to burn off some energy. Poor daddy was stuck inside all day and had to sit through boring meetings and talk to other nerd architects about exhibition hall rigging capacities imposed on structural mainframes.

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