Saturday, May 3, 2008

6 Months Seizure Free*

Yesterday officially marks Mira being seizure free for 6 months, but I say that with an asterisk. We have been seeing what we think are small seizures or at least something over the past few weeks. Mira has been battling this cold off and on for a while, so we are chalking it up to her being sick (which lowers one's seizure threshold) or considering the possibility that we need to increase her meds. I contacted her neurologist about it and we are taking a wait and see approach for now, at least until she gets over the cold and phlegm out of her system.

As I was getting her ready for bed tonight, she had a small head drop and her eyes fluttered very briefly. All of it lasts less than a second. I know it was something, because I have seen it thousands of times before - I was just hoping they would never return. Anyway, Sarah and I have noticed these small twitches/episodes every so often over the past week or so, but we aren't getting too worried at this point. If it happens, it will happen and we have a plan of attack.

Sarah is enjoying a very brief girls' weekend in Saint Louis with her sister and Auntie Tisha. Daddy gets to stay at home in KC and do laundry!


Tisha said...

Yeah 6* months!

Poor Daddy ... next trip is all you!!

Anonymous said...

Marc, congrats on the seizure free mark. I remember when we first started e-mailing how I so wanted Mira to get the seizure freedom that Bryce had. I'm so glad she finally found it - even if you do have to up her meds a bit or because of the cold or whatever. I'm so glad to hear she's doing so well!