Thursday, August 7, 2008


We have been doing the GABA for a week now and haven't noticed any difference, but nothing bad either. Some irritability - same amount of seizures. Mira seems to have a lot of energy these days and gotten back on the food train, well at least for the past two days. I think she makes up for lost time by inhaling some of her meals. For dinner, I couldn't feed her fast enough. She ate a sweet potato in about 2 minutes flat, then took 2 bottles of milk and without batting an eye. We have just been pouring the GABA capsules in her milk and she is taking them fine. They basically have no flavor.We have also gotten her back on her protein powder shakes. Since her calorie and protein intake can vary greatly (when she won't eat) we have been doing the shake mixture in the morning.

Mira has been sitting up a lot this week, while not uncommon, she has been doing it for longer stretches. Sarah told me that yesterday Mira propped her self up and stayed up for about 15 seconds! I took some video of her doing some good 5 second stretches, which is great. She is starting to gain some balance when she swings upward and almost gets into a sitting position. The coordination is there - she just needs to use those arms as props!

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