Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bad Nights Continue

I don't know whether it's the increase in medications or what, but Mira's nights continue to be pretty rough as of late. Last night she was up for hours and just could not find her happy place to calm down. She just screams and cries. During the day, she tends to have her moments in terms of being fussy, but it's her sleep that is really erratic. She has been taking some power naps throughout the day to make up for it, but I really don't think she is getting enough sleep overall since she is up so much during the evening.

We increased her meds to 3ml twice daily on the ethosuximide last week and I suppose we are seeing less seizures. However, we always seem to trade one symptom for another with many of the medications, whether it be irritability, insomnia, or something worse. I just wish SOMETHING would work positively for her like Lyrica did.

We did manage to find something that Mira enjoys to eat lately (besides her usual daily quota of sweet potatoes) which is pintos and cheese from Taco Bell. Go figure. She gobbles it right up. We figured we could make the equivelant at home with refried beans, cheese and some salsa so we aren't making daily trips to TB and the fact that who knows what is actually in it. I think she tends to get bored with the usual food fare we put in front of her, so perhaps Mira figures ANYTHING is better than sweet potatoes, applesauce, yogurt, or oatmeal.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry Mira is having a bad go of it at night. Aidan's been power napping during the day and then stays wide awake at night, so we just lowered his Lyrica since his Neuro said it can be very sedating and things have improved. Hope things improve soon for your sweet girl.

Tara & Aidan