Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas is Almost Here!

Nothing much has been happening around here, other than we are all excited about it being 2 days away from Christmas! It's funny how I just remember it being December 1st 15 minutes ago. December always burns by in a flash and suddenly it's Christmas?!

We moved Mira up to 100mg on the Lyrica over this past week and frankly, it doesn't seem to make a bit of difference. She seems significantly sleepier and overall a little doped up. She's having just as many seizures and the irritability factor is still present. We will give it a little while longer to see if the increased dosage will 'kick in' (maybe another week or so) but we are not optimistic. Mira's neuro didn't seem to think it would work, but it is certainly worth a try, since it's the only medication to ever work for her.

Mira is still taking the melatonin and still getting up in the middle of the night. We could either bump her dosage up or try a time-released brand of melatonin. The fact that she is able to get in a few solid blocks of sleep throughout the night is a dream (no pun intended) in comparison to what we were all going through a few months ago.

On the bed front, insurance denied our claim (the correct claim this time) with the explanation that our policy has an "exclusion" for anything but a 'regular hospital bed.' It's comical almost to imagine Mira sleeping SAFELY in a bed like that. Why yes, that seems safe to put my 3 1/2 year old child with severe dyspraxia and hypotonia in a bed with 12" side rails elevated off of the floor several feet. That makes sense.

So, we are currently looking into alternative funding sources available to us here in the area, through Mira's therapy group/school and some other local organizations. From what we have been told, there is funding available, we just need to apply. We were able to get part of Mira's stander and KidCart funded through similar groups in the past. We will see what happens and hopefully have Mira in a new bed not too far into January.

I did have a brief conversation with Mira's neuro about having her screened for a recently discovered Rett's Syndrome genetic variant called FOXG1. He is doing some research on it to see if it makes sense to have her screened for it. Mira was screened for MECP2 and CDKL5 (and the results were negative), the only two known and well documented genetic screens for Rett's. FOXG1 seems to be the third that is only recently coming into focus. At this stage, we will leave it up to her neuro to make the call whether it makes sense to have the screen done.

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Wendy Danielson said...


After reading this post, I was going through my old e-mails and I found this address:


It's United Health Care and they do grants for things that aren't covered by insurance. I don't know if you have this address or not, but I figure it's worth at least passing on.

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