Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mira..........Volume Control Please!

Mira was in an exceptionally good mood all day today. Perhaps it was the riveting trip we took to Home Depot this morning that inspired her. She actually slept through the night last night and didn't get up until after 7:00am. Since Eli has had the flu all week (missing 4 days of school) and now Jonah coming down with a high fever (and Sarah too) Mira and I are turning out to be the only ones avoiding the sickness that has perpetrated our house this past week. Knock on wood, Mira hasn't had so much as a sniffle and has been in a fantastic mood. Go figure?!

One of things Sarah and I noticed today in particular was her vocal talent. She either needs to stop watching American Idol or she is trying to tell us she wants to go out for karaoke night. She has some serious lung capacity these days. The combination of vocals, tray kicking and her globe toy is enough for us to consider ear plugs. All joking aside, it is great to hear her making new sounds and having fun!

Mira tends to do a lot of hand-mouthing throughout the day, but today she would stick her hand in her mouth and was purposely making noise (see video below) which was something new for her. She was consistently energetic today in her chair (much like in the video) and was doing a ton of vocalization, all day long. Enjoy!


Tisha said...

Blog looks like it's working better - came up right in Google Reader, too! I am so sorry that Sarah and Jonah have gotten "the sickness" - what can I do to help?? Love the video - you go girl!!

Matt said...

That is one happy little girl!

Kim said...

Mira is quite a beauty! She sounds so much like our Liy girl.