Saturday, July 15, 2017

New Glasses

Mira had an ophthalmology appointment a while back and we just now got her into the eye doctor a few weeks ago to get her fitted for new frames, based on her new prescription. Her vision had only changed slightly over the past 12-18 months, so it wasn't super critical that she immediately get her updated lenses. Her vision is still very, very poor - she has significant myopia, in the +10.50 range in both eyes, thus her lenses are fairly thick around the edges. Frame selection is always fairly important, in order to try and hide the thickness of the lenses. We went with a slightly smaller, but rounder frame, that seemed to stay on the bridge of her nose better than the last pair. Mira did a fair amount of scanning for the first 20 minutes she had the new frames on, but after that, she was back to her usual focus. She kept giving me these skeptical looks when we first arrived back from the eyeglass center - thus the funny looks in the pics above.

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