Thursday, June 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Mira!!

Mira turned 2 today! I was able to come home early from work and Sarah had her all dressed up, complete with a silver princess crown. Mira's big celebration will actually be on Sunday, with circus bounce tent and all. Yes, that's right, we are renting an inflatable bouncing tent for 4 hours, guaranteed to produce a minimum of three vomiting episodes and yield several temper tantrums, and not just by me.

Kudos to Sarah, for all of her hard work on the awesome invitations (a plug for her stamping blog and coordination of the festivities for the party. I told her she was taking the 'circus' theme too far when she mentioned the dozen scary clowns* - she assured me that she would cut it down to no less than six.

I will post pictures after the party!

(*Disclaimer: No clowns will actually attend Mira's party. Please do not plan to attend the party and expect to be entertained by the aforementioned number of clowns, associated circus animals, or flamethrowers. When you really think about it, all clowns are scary and no one needs to be frightened by one clown, let alone a half-dozen. See complete rules for details or just look at the image below of Sarah with clown at age one.)

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