Saturday, November 29, 2008


Mira's sleep over the past few nights hasn't improved much. It took her and hour last night to stop screaming and fall asleep, only to get up for several hours again, from about 3:30am until 5:30am. Part of the problem as of late is that we have a few variables in motion, which included adding Gabapentin, which I will get into later. The other thing is that Mira has been battling constipation for months now and when she has trouble clearing out her system, it only adds to her sleeping problems and irritability. Needless to say, we have been giving her Miralax nearly every day to help with the constipation and it seems that when we miss a day or two, it really throws her whole 'chi' off and we ultimately pay for it days later. Well today was the day for her to clear out her system. This has happened several times over the past month and the result is the same. The only detail that you need to know is that another outfit has been officially ruined.

The trial with Gabapentin has been another medication disaster. I think we are now 0 for 4 with post-Lyrica medication trials. She has been on it for about 10 days now and not only have we seen a marked increase in her irritability (yes this could be attributed to her ongoing constipation, but not for 10 straight days.......) but Sarah and I are seeing a substantial increase in seizures. I swear she was consistently having one every 15 minutes today. Lots of hand wringing on her right hand side and funny movements for a few moments after every seizure too. I thought the premise of the medication was to DECREASE her seizures?! I don't know where we are going to look next, but we have discontinued trying Gabapentin for now. It was a very low dosage and there wasn't anything positive about it.

We did receive a letter back from our insurance last week, giving us written confirmation that they have denied our claim for Mira's bed. The problem is that they denied the claim based on a motorized bed, not the manual one we had requested. I'm not sure what happened during the claim process, but basically they denied the claim based on the wrong type of bed. Now we have to try to get our insurance back on track and make sure they are processing the claim for the right bed this time. More paperwork and phone calls.

After years of fighting to get decent pictures of the kids with our point-and-shoot digital camera, Sarah and I finally invested in a digital SLR. After two days, I love it. No more 5 second delays, takes and retakes, and trying to capture decent shots with the kids! The SLR is so slick and has so many foolproof options that it's hard to take a bad picture with the right lighting. Mira posed like a rockstar this afternoon in her 80's shades for us to test out the new camera.


Tisha said...

Too cute - love the shades! I hope the sleep was better last night! Big hugs!

Reagan Leigh said...

I know what you mean about Mira and Reagan being too much alike! The sleep issues, the irritability, and now the blow-outs!!! Hopefully they'll both be feeling better soon! Hang in there, I know how no sleep can really do a number on your sanity!