Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Neurology Tomorrow

It's been a fairly quiet week here since my last post. Mira has been in decent spirits, mixed with occasional bouts of crankiness, which are usually redirected through a long walk outside She hasn't really had any major tonic-clonics, but has been having days of twitching and random myoclonics, but nothing significant. We finally heard back from the seating clinic, after almost two weeks. Based on the conversation that Sarah had with them, and me trying to contact them with no return calls, I am not optimistic that the communication has improved much over the past 4 years. New name. Same issues.............potentially. I will refrain from forming any opinions right now, as it is very early in the process, but again, there's history here that cannot be ignored.

We have a scheduled neurology appointment tomorrow morning at CMH and I am certain the topic of discussion will revolve around Mira's weight. At our appointment earlier this year, it is was pretty much all we talked about, and I have a suspicion that it will surface again tomorrow. It is always a struggle with Mira and we having been taking steps to increase her calorie intake, but it is difficult. Ironically, we don't really have anything specific to discuss with her neuro - we don't plan on making any medication changes, as we feel we have reached a consistent state with Mira that no medication, therapy, diet, or vitamin will ever fully heal or remedy. I am not anticipating much insight or an updated forecast of what to expect next. Mira's weather pattern hasn't varied much over the years: consistent myoclonics, mixed with occasional tonic-clonics, with gusting winds of irritability, and a chance of intermittent dystonia and lethargy.

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