Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Rocky Road Home

Mira has been having trouble in the afternoon this week, which is not uncommon. The bus ride home has been especially difficult for her. Whether it's the end of the day or she doesn't like being on the bus that long, she makes it known that she is not happy. The past few days she has come off the bus crying, just wanting to be in her bed. Tuesday afternoon, she came home and crashed in her bed for 2 1/2 hours straight. Daylight savings this weekend must have thrown her for a loop or something.

She has been tolerating the increase in calories over the past few days, enjoying the flavorful shakes we have been making for her. We are slowly integrating a new meal replacement powder for her too, one that has more calories (without the sugar) and a lot more flavor than her current one. We don't want to introduce too many changes at once with her, as it may mess with her regularity or digestion in general, however, she does need to start increasing those calories.

In terms of seizures, she has been having a few near tonic-clonics at school, although they aren't lasting very long. She had 2 brief ones yesterday, but apparently they didn't affect her too much. Otherwise, we haven't been seeing much activity at home, which is great.

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