Sunday, January 15, 2017

Quality Toy Time

Mira has been been getting her share of quality toy time today. She has been up and down most of the day and getting the toy in front of her has been a great redirection. On most occasions, she wouldn't last more than 15-20 minutes with it, but late this afternoon, she was playing with it for a solid 45 minutes, just smacking those bulbs., over and over. It's funny how we have tuned out the noise of it over the years - we sat and watched the end of the Dallas/Green Bay game with Mira sitting with us, with her just relentlessly banging on that toy. The sounds it makes just become background noise. It's no wonder those toys don't seem to last very long, as she wears them out quickly by hitting them so much. She ended up throwing it on the floor twice today - the first time, she shoved it so forcefully that she snapped the Theraband off of her tray and it went crashing to the floor. The second time, I just couldn't catch it in time as she pushed it and it twisted off of her easel. The 'major ice storm' we were supposed to get today was pretty uneventful, yet we had no chance to get outside, thus we ended up doing some walking in the house. That kept Mira entertained for awhile, but we needed the toy as well. The kids will finish up their 4 day weekend tomorrow and head back to school on Tuesday.

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