Thursday, February 22, 2007

Goodbye Stomach Virus!

I think everyone is ready for Spring to arrive! After a nearly two week bout with a stomach bug, I think we are all in the clear (knock on wood). Early last week, we were awakened by the sound of Eli's dinner disagreeing with him at 2:00am. Thus began our journey into nausea and vomiting until the weekend, when Sarah and I had to publicly utter the words "I'm glad Mira hasn't gotten it"..............sure enough, right before bedtime on Saturday, Mira caught the bug and started vomiting. She has been fighting it off and on since then, yet has been able to keep everything "down" since Monday.

Mira has been doing a lot of sleeping lately, probably drained from the stomach virus and not having a whole lot of energy to do much. She has been on the Diamox for about two weeks or so, but it is really difficult to see if it is doing anything since she has been sick for a part of that. She weaned off of the Trileptal in early February. We saw no improvement with anything when she was on it. We are planning on talking with her neurologist early next week, which hopefully, Mira will get in some healthier days before that time.

So, here we are on Thursday and I think the sickness is hopefully fading out. Mira is finally starting to get her appetite back and Eli gets to go back to school tomorrow! The poor kid has been cooped up in the house with a fever or something for over a week. You can only watch so many Thomas the Train videos before it becomes old "Sir Topham" hat. (bud-umb-pah! - thank you, please tip your waitresses................)

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JSmith5780 said...

Marc-Been following Mira's story since you joined the group. I have been on the group for almost 3 years. Don't comment too much anymore. Just wanted to say she is beautiful! And you son is handsome. Congrats on a great family. I wish you lots of luck trying to gain seizure control.
P.S. LOVE the Thomas comment. I will have to remember that one and use it with my hubby. We have three little boys who LOVE Thomas.