Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Let's Back up to December........

I have to rewind before I go forward! It seems that around the first week of November, particularly right after Halloween and the novelty of the 'Lightning McQueen' costume has long worn off and is lying in a shredded heap under your child's bed, not to be found until 2012. This is the time when your schedule soon becomes quite full. A scheduling marathon begins to take shape, where you as the parent, are caught in an overloaded, multi-tasking frenzy of simultaneous shopping and turkey basting, pretty much until the end of the year. At certain moments, I feel that being an octopus would have its advantages, despite the whole 'having to live underwater' thing. If only I had 8 arms. It would be sweet. Imagine if you could wrangle a stroller, a screaming 3 1/2 year old with low-blood sugar, several bags of groceries, and a runaway shopping cart (with a malicious grin) headed toward your brand new Odyssey that you just washed.

In the midst of this frenzy, there are great moments to cherish. Mira had her very first program, sponsored by the Britain Center, back on December 7th and we all had a wonderful time. Mira's class played along with a couple of songs, with bells in hand. After the program, all of the kids and therapists were able to see Santa, who had an endless bag of goodies for everybody. Mira is sitting on the far right with her feeding therapist, Jamie.

Eli was a little skeptical of Santa..........besides, someone just mentioned there were cookies here?! Yeah, look Santa, I gotta bolt. Can you just drop off some toys at my house as scheduled?

Auntie 'G' took this picture of all of us the family. I think I had consumed about twenty sugar cookies and a gallon of punch for 'dessert' when she snapped this. Who needs dinner?

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