Saturday, February 24, 2007

What is the deal with Pediasure?

Well, we thought we were out of the woods with Mira and throwing up, but it seems as though we have discovered the trigger - Pediasure!!! She had been doing so well over the past few days with keeping food down, although she still is not eating much.

Sarah and I were talking and half-watching the highlights from the Mizzou/Nebraska game (Mizzou lost and Sarah cheered.....) when it happened. Mira was sitting on my lap, when I leaned her up and she let loose all over my lap, several times. Yummy. She had done the same several days ago, within an hour after having some Pediasure. So I think we are steering clear of it, indefinitely. Must be the sugar content. Her seizures have been remained basically unchanged - we think she has been at a consistent level with the Diamox and vitamins over the past week.

Otherwise, it's been raining here all day, so a trip to Korma Sutra (Indian food) was in order. After a soaking trip to the Plaza to run errands, Sarah and I had our nan + saag fix for the day while Eli had chicken nuggets. It's supposed to snow again tonight so I think we will all be trapped indoors tomorrow....................

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