Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Nothing spells fun like spit-up and vomit. For some reason, over the past few days, Mira has been spitting up a lot. We feel like we have finally started getting into a groove with the diet over the past week, but perhaps the full-swing diet is making her nauseous and creating stomach issues for her. We were initially having trouble finding snacks for her, but stumbled on the Atkins Shakes, which have only 1 gram of carb. She plowed through an entire 8 ounces in one sitting the first time we gave it to her. I suppose she is tired of all of the flavored waters.

Her days over the past week are hit or miss. Some days she does pretty well and even laughs on occasion if Sarah tickles her in the right spot. Other days, she is irritable all day, perfecting her LGF (Low Grade Fuss) and nothing seems to help her. Good days 2 seizures; bad days 7 or 8 seizures.

We added 300mcg of B12 and 400mcg of folic acid to her diet, since many AEDs (anti-epileptic medications) tend to deplete these vitamins in the system.

On a side note, Sarah and I escaped to a concert on Monday night, seeing Crowded House at the Uptown Theatre here in KC. We haven't been to a concert since Richard Thompson, which was 5 years ago. It was surprising to hear Neil Finn and company really 'rock out' - some of their newer material drifted off into some harder edge stuff that I wasn't expecting. Liam Finn (Neil's son) was one of the opening acts. His son?! Yes, they are getting old.

On another side note, what makes my day is visiting Sarah's new favorite site here. Cats are funny.

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Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

I'm not sure if this matters for Mira's diet (as my daughter is on the traditional ketogenic diet), but looking at the nutritional facts, the shakes have 5 grams of carbs but only 1 gram of sugar.