Friday, August 17, 2007

Ketocal Woes

A year ago, when we tried to start Mira on the Ketogenic Diet, we were given a sample of Ketocal for her to try before they were supposed to admit her to Children's Mercy. She tried it and liked it just fine. Little did we know, Ketocal is actually made out of GOLD. Ketocal is very expensive and the irony is, insurance typically does not cover it (including ours).

Now that we have her on the Modified Atkins and need to use it potentially as a supplement to her diet, we are trying to get Mira's neurologist to write a letter of medical necessity to our insurance company. Since she won't be on it exclusively, we shouldn't be going through it like we do with say, sour cream (lately), but it still doesn't really make sense to me that insurance companies view Ketocal as the equivalent of SlimFast.

Anyway, Mira had a really rough day today, have a half-dozen seizures or so. She was pretty irritable all day and wouldn't eat much. We think her stomach has been bothering her. Tomorrow is another day.......

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