Thursday, August 30, 2007

Neurology Appointment Tomorrow

We are gearing up for another neurology appointment tomorrow around noon at CMH. I usually email our neurologist prior to our appointment, just to get him thinking about what we want to discuss.

I have been trying to get Mira's results from a Biotinidase Deficiency (BD) screen she had in May of 2006 and to get our neurologist's thoughts on Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase (MTHFR) which is a genetic defect that causes the body to not properly process folic acid. I am bringing up the results from her past BD screen to make sure that the proper test was performed and to discuss the results with a metabolic geneticist I have been corresponding with in Detroit. At the time of the test, Mira was on multiple medications and we were in the process of switching neurologists. Both deficiencies are sort of long-shots in terms of Mira's condition, but fairly easy to detect and diagnose through screening. Missouri happens to be one of the few states that doesn't perform newborn screening for BD. MTHFR is detected through genetic testing. Some of her past labs might some insight into potential folic acid issues.

We are planning on also discussing medications and give neurology an update on how the diet is going. Mira did have some decent days (her 1 seizure-free day) and a couple days where we have only seen one seizure per day. Better than a few weeks ago!

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