Saturday, November 10, 2007

Seizure Free Stretch

I hope I don't jinx it by saying this, but Mira has been seizure free for five days straight. Her last seizure was on Monday. She has been doing very well and constantly squirming. Seems like she won't sit still and has been smacking her globe toy so much, that I think she is going to break it. I hope her seizure free streak continues!

On the negative side, she has been having difficulty sleeping again. She has been waking up periodically throughout the night, crying as if in pain. This morning she got up at 4:00am and was inconsolable for a while. Her sleep patterns have been getting thrown off and she has been taking long naps in the afternoon, which is a recent phenomenon for her. I theorize that the sleeping issues are neurological, since her crying out seems to happen at night or when she is extremely tired. Coincidentally, that is prime time for kids to have seizures - when they are falling asleep and when they are waking up.

We do have her scheduled for an EEG on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and a neurology appointment at the end of the month. She has not had an EEG for almost a year.

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momo's remedies said...

Great! I'm rooting for her! I have had seizures for about 15 years and I am in the process of writing a blog about how I got myself seizure free! I am no longer taking medicine! And I haven't had a seizure for almost a month! One thing you can do to keep her from having seizures is put some "Cell Food" in her water. That has dissolved oxygen, trace minerals, amino acids and enzymes.

In a couple days I will have a blog letting everyone know what I did to become seizure free! Good luck!