Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Break

We returned from Illinois this afternoon, after spending Thanksgiving with Auntie Aura + Uncle Ware - thanks for putting up with us for 4 straight days!

Mira was mildly cranky on Thanksgiving Day - why we don't really know. She was pretty irritable during the afternoon and couldn't seem to settle down for most of the day. That was also the last day she ate a decent meal. Friday and Saturday she wouldn't eat anything all day, gagging on some pudding both nights, scattering the hardwoods with her upset stomach. We don't know whether she has a stomach bug, is bored with the food, or just isn't hungry, but she has eaten very little over the past 3 days. She is drinking plenty of fluids and doesn't have a fever, so we aren't real concerned at this point. We were able to get her to take a few spoonfuls of applesauce today, without gagging or vomiting - always a bonus when there is nothing to clean up.

Speaking of cleaning up...........I have officially met my quota of cleaning up bodily fluids for the next 6-8 weeks. Friday night - lots of vomit, soaking her high chair. Saturday night - repeat of Friday night, this time thoroughly drenching her Kidcart. Tonight - overflowing diaper (not the 'clear' stuff mind you) - staining her recently cleaned and disinfected high chair, again, along with the bed, the floor, and of course, her clothes.

On a positive note, she is still seizure free and still in a good mood! We have her neurologist appointment on Friday around lunch, along with her Christmas program on Friday evening.

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