Thursday, November 1, 2007

Skunk + Spiderman Sightings!

We had a great Halloween last night and have enough candy to be on a sugar high until early 2012. Mira was a skunk, which she seemed to get a big kick out of most of the time she had it on (despite the frown in the pictures). The tail was the kicker for the costume!

Eli was Spiderman with exaggerated muscles and all. We made it up and down our block before he decided he didn't need to go door to door to get candy - we have plenty at home! I was even able to cash in on some of the candy, when Sarah picked up a bag of Bottle Caps. Now, my teeth hurt. Mmmmmmmmmm.........sugar.

We did finally get Mira's Kidcart on Wednesday as well. It is a three-piece interlocking system that has a seat, a 'cart' for around the house, and a stroller base, all for a mere $6,200 retail. We will find out from insurance how much of that we will end up paying. She was seen at the seating clinic at CMH over the summer to get fitted for it. She is just on the cusp of being too small for some of the straps, but she will grow into it.

Mira continues to do very well since being on the Lyrica. She had one seizure today, but was extremely active after dinner and even knocked her toy straight off the chair.

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Melanie said...

They are so adorable! Love the skunk!
I am glad to hear that the medicine is working for Mira. She also looks really good in her seat.