Saturday, December 15, 2007

No More Zonegran

After 8 months, today was Mira's last day on Zonegran. As with all medication weans, we are anticipating some potential changes over the next few weeks. You never know how she is going to react when she is ramping up or coming off a medication. We have been weaning her for two weeks, so her last dosage today was only 25mg, which is a very low dosage for her weight. It usually takes another few weeks for her system to completely flush it out.

One of the changes as of late is her sleep. She tends to get up in the middle of the night (last night it was 2am) and stays up for hours. She isn't really doing much during this time, although I know she is awake because I can hear her babbling through the monitor or just kicking around in her crib. She usually does this for an hour or more, then starts to get really tired and irritable for a few minutes. I end up giving her a bottle and she goes back to sleep, but by this time, it's 5am and more often than not, Eli decides that this would be a good time to get up. Mira then sleeps until 7:30am, then takes long power naps throughout the day. Sleep patterns are pretty screwy around here lately. We are taking it all in stride and thankful that she is still seizure free.

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