Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Images

Here are some highlights from our Christmas. Mira and Eli got to see Santa once again on Christmas Eve, getting out any last toy requests before the big day. Somehow, Santa looked a little different from the last time they saw him a few weeks ago at Mira's program, but who can tell. He brought gifts and cookies for all the kids. The week flew by too quickly, but we were able to spend lots of time with the Floras and grandma.

Anyway, the images above include the Christmas photo we sent out, Mira and Eli each with Santa on Christmas Eve, the kids at Union Station to see the trains, Eli, Addy, and Truman horsing around in the pack-n-play, and the three amigos watching TV.

Last but not least, Eli got a tiny bit of a raw deal for Christmas. Sarah frantically searched for 'old-school' G.I. Joe action figures and an army jeep, finally outbidding someone on EBay the week before Christmas. Only, the shipment didn't make it in time and Eli had to settle for a late delivery from Santa a few days later.

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