Thursday, January 3, 2008

Press Your Luck

For those of you out there who remember the 'Whammy' from the game show 'Press Your Luck', this one is for you..........

Earlier this week, Mira wasn't eating very well and we were having a difficult time just trying to get her eat anything, even a few bites. She had been taking plenty of fluids and has gone through bouts of not eating before (see Thanksgiving posts) therefore, we weren't too concerned. Well, after a few days of nibbling at meals, I figured it wouldn't hurt to try and feed Mira in her KidCart, since it wasn't likely that she was going to eat anyway. The first few spoonfuls of applesauce went off without a hitch, so I graduated to vanilla pudding, figuring I was on a roll.

This is usually the point where I begin chanting 'no whammies' in hopes that Mira doesn't gag on the pudding, which is her way of saying "I'm REALLY not hungry so stop tyring to feed me." Well, the Whammy came out, meaning Mira proceeded to gag once and vomit everything she had drank in the past 48 hours, all down the sides and front of her KidCart. Her stomach holds a lot of fluid, just so you know.

Ahh, to clean the KidCart is so, so much fun. First, you strip all of the straps, belts, armrests, seat padding, neck padding, (separating the padding from the covers) and throw it all in the wash. Then, detach the seat from the stand, scrub the seat and stand down with soap and water, getting in all of the bolts, screws, and wheels. If it's too cold outside, you get to do all of this in the bathtub instead of spraying it down with the hose. Once all of the padding is scrubbed, washed, and dried, you get to reassemble the whole thing. Oh, yes, and Mira needs a bath too.

The irony is that this is certainly not the first time this has happened. It seems whenever I press my luck trying to feed her in the KidCart, I lose and end up an hour later with wrinkled hands, a bottle of 409 in my hand, crawling on all fours scrubbing the hardwoods.

The moral of this story is simple. Don't ever feed Mira in the KidCart. Ever.

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