Monday, January 14, 2008

Baptisms + Decibel Ranges

We had Mira and Elias baptized yesterday at St. Michael's. It was something we had been planning to do for some time. We wanted to thank everyone so much for being there and for all of the wonderful gifts for the kids. A special thanks to Tom, Nikki, Sophia, and Siena for making the trip in from Illinois. I will post pictures soon.

Mira had a pretty rough night last night - who could blame her after such an eventful day. She was up most of the night, kicking and vocalizing. The interesting thing is, she has become REALLY vocal over the past two days. Yesterday evening, she seemed to strike a chord with everyone in the house - a really LOUD chord. She has been moving and squirming around a lot lately (which is progress!) and now has started vocalizing a ton, to such an extent I thought she was going to shatter some wine glasses tonight. I shot some video last night of her doing some of it.

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