Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This Week

Mira has been doing very well over the past week. She continues to vocalize a lot throughout the day, nearly shattering windows at times. It is seriously ear piercing. She is also trying to move around quite a bit - she seems to be in a state of perpetual motion, especially when she is in her crib or on the bed. It keeps diaper changing times fun and exciting. She will twist on her side as she is rolling around and it seems like she is trying to lift her head up, but it is so much work for her.

Mira is also starting to grab at toys. Tonight, she reached several times for her Abby Cadaby toy (from Sesame Street) which have bells tied around her waist to make noise. She has been responding to Abby consistently and she gets excited every time she hears the bells. Her movements most of the time seem uncoordinated and not very deliberate, but you can tell that she is really trying to do things. Over the past few weeks though, her movements are becoming increasingly purposeful. Sarah said that Mira has been pulling her bows out of her hair throughout the day too. She is making a little progress every day by doing new things.

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Tisha said...

Yeah for Mira and yeah for Abby Cadabby!! That is awesome!!