Friday, December 7, 2007

Rash Be Gone!

Mira continues to do very well at home and in therapy. She is focusing and scanning the room much more lately. She also has been thrusting her tongue out a lot, as though she is spitting and making some silly faces on occasion. We have been able to get some really good giggles out of her by tickling her in just the right spot on her rib cage. laughing until she gets the hiccups. She can't seem to sit still any more when she is on your lap, constantly squirming and wanting to move.

She has been battling a rash on her face for nearly the entire year and it just won't heal. We have tried lotions, antibiotic creams, ultra-strength antibiotic creams, but it continues to linger. We recently discovered that it is a yeast infection, that started on her cheeks, but since she is now constantly putting her hands in her mouth, it has spread to the back of her hands and fingers. For yeast infections, it is supposed to dry out to get rid of it, which is nearly impossible since she is constantly drooling and and messing with her hands. Any suggestions would be great!

I received an email from Mira's neurologist and he said we should expect the Rett's testing back sometime next week from the lab. Thanks to everyone for your continued thoughts, prayers, and support.


Kara said...

Have you tried any anti-fungal creams, either over the counter or perscription strength? I have known of babies getting yeast related diaper rashes and they were treated with anti-fungals.

Susan said...

Anti-fungal creams are a good idea.

Has Mira's doctor examined her all over to make sure that the yeast infection isn't internal?

A friend recommended topical application of coconut oil, which should be OK if Mira ingested it, unless she has allergies to nuts.

Susan (Helen's friend)