Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Crabby, Crabby, Crabby

After having a great week last week, Mira has been really, really crabby over the past week. She is fussing a lot and we cannot figure out why. She has been taking power naps in the middle of the afternoon and when she isn't sleeping, she is fussing. We have been seeing about the same amount of head drops as the week before, so perhaps it's something else that is bothering her.

She also started one of her hunger strikes a few days ago, where she won't eat anything and it is a struggle just to get her meds in her. She is getting really good at resisting pills, spoons, and is partial only to one thing - her bottle. And yes, the bottle MUST be warm or she will snub it before you can say 'fussbot'.

Speaking of meds, we decided to up her dosage today, since she is completely snot-free and still having some sort of seizure activity. We are hoping that bumping her up will help get rid of the head drops, but we have been down this path many times before. For 6 months, Lyrica was the miracle medication for her and we hope that it continues to be. It will take a few days for her to feel the increase, so we will watch her closely.

Have to go - the fussing continues.......

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Reagan Leigh said...

I can definitely relate to the fussing! Reagan has been a handful today and the day just got started! I hope that upping Mira's dosage is going to do the trick for her...seizures are so tough...I really hope she's done with them for good. She's in our prayers!