Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Updates + Microarray

Well, first things first. I spoke to neurology yesterday and Mira's microarray came back normal. This was probably the last of the genetic screens that we will be doing, unless her neurologist has something specific in mind for additional testing. We have pretty much exhausted all of the reasonable screens and anything that we would be testing beyond this point would be a stab in the dark.

We have still been seeing a fair amount of head drops with Mira, so there is concern that the dosage increase hasn't done much yet. We are going to give it another week at the higher dosage and see what happens. If things don't improve, we will either take her back down or perhaps try something different. Mira's temperament has improved a little over the past few days, so there is hope that the increase is potentially helping in other ways.

Mira had her first haircut today! Her hair was getting seriously unruly and Sarah seemed to spend half her day getting knots and rats out of her hair, which Mira really detests. She did great, all things considered. We sat her on my lap while the stylist did some quick work, taking about 4 inches off the back. It took Sarah and I together, with all hands on Mira, just to keep her from flinging and thrusting backwards. Mira is getting very strong and has developed 'abs of steel' from squirming and arching so much.

I posted a few videos on Mira's site (see link to Youtube.com at the right). One is of Mira's new swing that we installed on the trellis in the back yard, which she loves. Sarah managed to find a swing for her that puts her in more of a reclined position and it works great. The other video is of Mira's new found love - hearing the trumpets from Sarah Vaughn's 'Whatever Lola Wants'. Yes - completely random how we discovered it. We had the iPod on one day and Mira was over in her chair just chuckling away, but only at certain parts in the song. We discovered it was the trumpets that really cracked her up.

Last but not least, the countdown continues for the baby. Sarah had some contractions over the weekend, but nothing after that. Still waiting!

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JSmith5780 said...

It's always good when tests come back normal, but still frustrating when you have NO answers.

Wishing the best for the new baby!