Monday, December 29, 2014

Jekyll and Hyde

Mira had Jekyll and Hyde day yesterday. She started the day being very irritable, which put us in the mindset that it was going to be another long day for her and everyone else in the house. We managed to head out around lunch to visit some friends, which Mira really enjoyed - well, the drive she enjoyed. The actual visit, not so much.

She became very irritable once we were inside and nothing seemed to keep her happy for more than a 30 second stretch. She refused to drink, refused her toy, didn't want to sleep and was not happy being in her chair or on a blanket. If I could ever try to explain or summarize Mira's disposition in one sentence, it would be trying to comfort a 75 pound, 3 month old baby. You essentially try all of the things you would with an infant (minus trying to hold and rock her) and when that doesn't work, you are really out of options.

In the absence of trying to hold her in your arms like a baby, you can try to find the quietest place in the house and see if she will take a nap, which proved to be the winner yesterday. She eventually ended up getting some peace in her chair and was in a much better mood afterward. Something seemed to click with her the remainder of the afternoon, because she was very content in her chair, happily playing with her toy for the rest of the time we were visiting.

Her good demeanor continued for the car ride home and when we got her set up with her toy back at the house. She played and ate uninterrupted, for almost 2 solid hours. That was very atypical for her, especially the past month. For her to be in such a great mood for an extended period, without a single seizure, myoclonic, head drop, or any visible seizure activity, is rare. Eventually, I think she just wore herself out playing and decided she was done and she crashed in her bed pretty quickly.

She woke up in a fairly decent mood this morning, but now is back on the fussy train. Keep your fingers crossed for another better afternoon,

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