Sunday, December 14, 2014

New Swing

We have had the pleasure of living next to a park for the past 14+ years. It's always been a strange mix of green space, play equipment, and at the time we bought the house, an enormous water tower. The water tower, which had been a monument in the landscape since the early 1950's, was decommissioned and dismantled several years ago. Shortly after it was taken down, the park received some minor renovations.

Earlier this year, the city announced they would be giving the park an entire overhaul, which included updated play equipment, a tricycle track, a park shelter, and new swings. I was invited, along with several other adjacent neighbors, to provide input on what we would like to see in the park.

Well, that's an easy question. Mira loves to swing. Having an ADA or an accessible swing would be ideal to have right next door. The only other ADA swing for kids with special needs in the entire area is about 20 miles away, so having one practically in our back yard, would be a dream.

The parks and recreation department was receptive to the idea and incorporated the swing into the plans, along with a host of other comments from neighbors. Construction finally ended late yesterday and the park was opened to the public. Mira was the first one to break in the new swing and she loved it!

I am thankful for living in such a great community, who involves its residents in the decision making process of even the smallest of projects. My deepest thanks to the City of Prairie Village and thanks to Jori Nelson, who helped facilitate the process.

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