Saturday, October 24, 2015

Quiet + Sleepy

Mira has been taking a lot of naps over the past few days. With the weather changing and it getting so dark so early, I think it is throwing her sleep patterns off. She has been waking up during the night too, which isn't unusual, but it it is causing her to sleep more during the day. It's difficult to say how often she is getting up and how long she is actually staying up. We ran a few errands around lunch time and Mira was dozing off and on, mainly whenever we were sitting still. She wasn't crabby during the errands, but had a number of brief fussy spells this afternoon. We have not made any medication changes as of yet, since we are waiting for the pharmacy to fill her revised Vimpat prescription. She will be on a liquid form of it during the wean, which we will most likely start midweek. We are going to wait until she is completely off of the Vimpat before we start the fluoxetine. We don't want to have more than one variable moving at a time.

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