Thursday, October 1, 2015

Ready for Relief

It's been a long week for everyone. Mira has been having more seizures than usual, with today being probably the best day she has had all week, only having a few myoclonics this morning. She didn't have any tonic-clonics and has been in a positive, yet quiet mood most of the day. She had a fair amount of time with her toy this afternoon and she wasn't interrupted by her usual stream of head drops and seizures. It was nice to see her having some relief after a stressful week of seizures.

I have been putting in a fair amount of overtime at the office over the past two weeks, which hopefully my schedule will be returning to normal soon. With travel and juggling three different projects, September proved to be a tiring, blur of a month. It will be nice to be at home this weekend and not have to worry about deadlines, at least for a bit.

Mira has school pictures tomorrow, which is always a guess as to what sort of mood she will be in when it's her turn to be in front of the camera. Some years she is completely out of it, either slouched over or taking a nap. Other years she is just irritable, posing for the lens wearing the longest frown you can imagine. Whatever tomorrow brings, just know that she will be wearing the beautiful outfit she can, thanks to Sarah's great taste in fashion. 

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