Monday, October 12, 2015

Rough Seizure Days

Mira had a rough weekend. Saturday she was reserved and quiet most of the day, not showing a lot of energy nor interest in much of anything. We ran a few errands and it was obvious that she was not feeling well. She wasn't having too many myoclonics and only had one bigger tonic-clonic the entire day. On Sunday however, someone flipped a switch in the morning and Mira was consistently irritable from the time she woke up, until the late afternoon. We went out to visit some friends down south, which broke the cycle of whatever was bothering her. She managed to get some uninterrupted time with her toy while we were visiting, however, it was short lived. Afterward, her toy continued to be a trigger about 50% of the time we tried it. We end up just hovering over her for the first 5 or 10 minutes we give it to her and if we see her myoclonics becoming more intense, we just take it away. Many times though, she explodes right into a seizure as soon as it is in front of her. 

This morning, I knew a big seizure was coming on, as soon as she was out of bed. She was happy, smiling, and full of energy, without so much as a twitch, which is often an indication that she is going to immediately have a seizure, especially when this happens in the morning. As expected, she immediately had a seizure when she was in her chair and for the next hour, she was unable to even keep her head up for more than a few seconds. It's all a terrible cycle these days with her seizures. Her drooling has drastically increased over the past few weeks too - probably due to the constant seizures, which are causing her to be very lethargic and listless for a good portion of the day. She ended up having another tonic-clonic before dinner, which caused her to be twitchy, cold, and only mildly responsive the rest of the evening.

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