Wednesday, June 15, 2016

ESY - Extended School Year

Mira started her ESY program on Tuesday and despite the fact that her schedule gets continually cut every summer (thanks to the State of Kansas and our atrocious governor) I am glad that Mira has an outlet, even if it is only for a few hours a day. While new drivers, bus paras, and new paras at school, Mira seemed to be right back in the swing of things after only 2 days. She has been increasingly fussy this past week and her going back to school could not have come at a better time. Something to simply break up the summer days for at least part of the week, if nothing more. Her teacher and summer paras are able to get in all of her therapies and activities, which she desperately needs to try and maintain, despite the shortened schedule at school.

The weather has been spiking this week, hovering consistently in the mid to high 90's, which is making it difficult to get the kids outside to do anything. There hasn't been the chance to get Mira out for some walks either, which she typically enjoys. I think she has been getting cabin fever over the past week, thus the increased irritability. We haven't been witnessing any late afternoon seizures, but she did have a ton of myoclonics throughout the day today. You never know what the day is going to bring.

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