Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Great School Day

Mira always has her comfort positions. After her bath yesterday, which she doesn't always particularly enjoy, Mira was very anxious to get back in her bed to decompress. While in her chair, she always keeps her legs fully extended and rigid, but once into bed, she often does the complete opposite, which is curling up like a clam - I swear she has the strongest abs in the world to be hold these extended and curled poses so effortlessly. When in her bed, she often immediately curls up into this position, as though she is practicing a somersault. Her legs at her chest, hands on her knees, and feet crossed, all in a perfectly choreographed pose. She will lay like this for a solid 10 or 15 minutes sometimes, batting her hands against her knees, drumming out some random beats. It's all part of her finding her comfort zone. 

Speaking of happy - Mira had a great day at school this morning. Her teacher said she was all smiles, very energetic, and was even hitting her big mac switch on occasion. She tolerated getting into the KidWalk and overall had a very positive day. Unfortunately, her solid demeanor didn't last all afternoon, as she was very fussy before dinner. I think she was just tired, as she kept falling asleep in her chair before I could get a few bottles in her before bedtime. 


Reagan Leigh said...

Reagan is in this exact same position today! Crunched up in half like a ball! I swear she must have abs of steel!

Marc said...

It's how she lays in bed a lot of times!