Sunday, October 2, 2016

Late Afternoon Crumbling

After a stellar couple of days in a row (all part of a couple of good weeks) Mira slowly crumbled today. This morning started off great - she was full of dragons and very happy. We went for a walk this morning and another one right after lunch, which Mira enjoyed - she was kicking and making this rhythmic humming noise every 5 seconds (she has been doing this weird humming noise a ton lately - I can't really describe it) until we got back home. She took a nap this afternoon, but woke up in a really sour mood. She was wailing and crying non-stop for about an hour, all through bath time and through a couple of bottles for dinner. Once she was back in her bed, she settled down, but she was really ramping it up for awhile - tears streaming down her face, grimacing facial expressions, etc. Not sure why she was so worked up, because she hasn't done this for the past few weeks that I can recall. She is quietly resting now. Hopefully, she will have a smooth day at school tomorrow.

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