Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Many Faces of Mira

It's been a busy and hectic past few weeks - I have been traveling quite bit, with trips to Massachusetts and New Brunswick taking up most of my work weeks. Sarah left for Los Angeles this morning and will be back on Tuesday, so in a sense, we have been passing the baton to try and stay on top of things. Mixed in between all of the travel, we have had conferences for all three kids, at three different schools, all at different times throughout the day on both Thursday and Friday. Mira has been having some off and on days - mostly on, where she has been in a positive mood, but she had an awful day last Sunday to keep it all interesting. She was really irritable all day last Sunday and we couldn't figure out why, until about 10:00pm, where she had a massive seizure in her bed. The aftershocks from the seizure went on for another 30 minutes. It was an awful one - no wonder she was in such a bad mood, as she was probably dealing with the pre-seizure activity all day. This week has been much calmer, with the shortened week because of conferences, Mira has been taking advantage of the down time. We have been taking it easy today, just running errands and trying to stay close to home. Today, Mira was making some seriously silly faces - I took these pics all within a span of 30 seconds. Serious face, dragons, laughing, contemplating, and so on - holding her ears for some reason the entire time!

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