Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Dragon

Mira has been in a great mood all day today. We started off by running a bunch of errands in the morning and Mira was content the entire time. We dumped off all of our stuff from the store and headed out for a walk right after lunch and Mira continued to be full of energy. She was having some subtle myoclonics during our walk, but otherwise, seizures have been minimal. She took a brief nap after we returned home, then we did some racing around the house and again, Mira was as happy as can be. Throughout each of our outings and even when we were just hanging around the house, Mira was consistent with one thing - vocalizing. We call it her 'dragon' noise, where she sticks her tongue out and makes this heavy breathing sound, much like a fire-breathing dragon. She was doing it constantly today - it is a sign that she is happy and in a good mood and she did it so many times today that I lost count. She was just in a solid mood all day long. She was even doing repeatedly around bedtime. Something interesting also happened late this afternoon. At one point, I offered her a bottle around dinnertime and she purposely pushed it away and shook her head no, side to side! It could have been coincidence, as I could not get her to do it again, but it was certainly something I have never witnessed before. She has always pushed away bottles when she doesn't want them, but she has never done this with her head side to side to indicate no. I couldn't believe it - again, it could have been unintentional, but it really did seem deliberate and purposeful.

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