Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Special School Moment

Despite her episode over the weekend, Mira has been doing extremely well over the past week. She has been in a positive mood lately (in fact, for the past few weeks, with some minor exceptions) and has been very attentive and focused. At school this morning, her teacher presented Mira her name card in circle group, which she does every day, but today was different. Mira reached out with both hands, took the card, and dropped it in the basket that was sitting on her tray. Her teacher and paras were shocked and they all erupted and said 'yay Mira' and started clapping. Mira actually smiled with all the clapping! Everyone was so amazed at her reaction, that they clapped again, and Mira reciprocated once again by smiling! It was one of those rare moments where Mira had an unsolicited reaction to something. It has always been extremely difficult to communicate with her, as she rarely has a purposeful reaction to any situation or stimuli. Such an amazing day for her - I wish I would have witnessed it!

So what have we been doing differently these past few weeks? If you go back and read my post earlier this month on pyridoxine, (or for that matter, any of my posts on pyridoxine) - that would be a good place to start. For now, I want to enjoy Mira's moment today and hopefully not jinx everything by possibly attributing it to the supplement therapy we started her on at the beginning of the month. More soon...........

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