Sunday, September 4, 2016

So Much Walking

After a solid, nearly irritable-free week, the wheels feel off the wagon this weekend. Mira has been very unhappy the past two days, with no particular pattern to her irritability. Yet there has been one thing that seems to lift her spirits - walking or even more accurately, staying in motion. We have been on numerous walks, to the tune of 3-4 a day, in an effort to try and keep her happy. It only works for so long and frankly, it is exhausting pushing a 75 pound chair, a 70 pound child, and a backpack full of whatever we picked up at the store, uphill, often during the hottest part of the day. The second we come in doors and she is motionless for more than a few minutes, she starts crying. It is extremely difficult to stay in a constant state of motion with her and we can only walk indoors for so long (again, thanks to hardwood floors, we have a built-in 'track' that we circle around, from living room, through the 'foyer',  and into the kitchen/dining room, and back again, to complete our loop) before someone gets tired - usually it's me. When she is moving, she has been increasingly vocal, making this consistent, rhythmic moaning noise every 3 or 4 seconds. It's definitely a sign that she is enjoying herself, as her legs are stretched out (as in the pic above) and kicking, almost in unison. We often hear a lot of her infamous 'dragon' noises, which is a definitive marker of happiness for her. We went on a couple additional brief walks this afternoon and continued indoors for a bit, but she soon tired of everything, which sparked a wail-a-thon for about 45 minutes before dinner. She hasn't had any tonic-clonics for the past several days, in fact, her last one was at school early in the week, so I suppose it is boredom or a lack of variety that is frustrating her. It was an exhausting weekend. Hopefully, tomorrow we can find some additional activities to keep her busy.

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