Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Super Chilled

Mira has been really quiet the last two days. This morning, I had to wake her up for the bus, even after going to bed early last night. Once I had her dressed an in her chair, she was briefly enthusiastic about her bottle, but quickly faded after she was finished, so I put her back in her bed for another 20 minutes before the bus arrived. The second I put her back in her bed, she immediately folded in half (her comfort sleeping position) and fell right back asleep. Not surprising, she had a quiet and chilled day at school, not even objecting to getting into the Kidwalk, nor seemed to mind heading to the library with one of the other classes in the middle of the afternoon. She continued to just want to relax in her bed after dinner and a bath - she wasn't even up for racing around the house much. Some days, she is content just relaxing.

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