Saturday, August 13, 2016

First Day of School

Things really started to final shift for Mira on Thursday, where she wasn't as irritable. Typically when her mood starts to shift like it did so abruptly, we expect some heavy seizures and/or some neurological flux to follow soon thereafter. Sure enough, Mira woke up Friday morning and was clammy and rigid. She wasn't having any seizures per se, but she was definitely altered - one of her episodes of dystonia and rigidity. The unfortunate part was it was the first day of school. It was strange for both Jonah and Mira to start school on a Friday (granted it was only a half-day) but I stopped questioning the districts choices when it comes to school schedules. We decided to send her off to school, since she wasn't having myoclonics or anything, we figured she was simply going to be lethargic, which was exactly what happened. Her teacher said she was very quiet and subdued - not fussy, just tired. She remained in that state for the rest of the afternoon at home. By the time this morning rolled around, any symptoms of her dystonia has disappeared and she was in good spirits for the entire day. Such a nice change of pace for her, after a solid stretch of nearly constant crying, fussy, and restlessness. Jonah was all smiles starting school yesterday - he was very excited to get to walk to the farthest classroom at the every end of the school. He gets to experience all the other classrooms, the library, the music room, and the art room, all before getting to his room - such a journey every morning for him. Eli had his teacher for kindergarten years ago, the only change is that Jonah has her for second grade. On Monday, Eli starts, so finally, all three kids will be in school - Sarah will probably collapse on the floor in complete exhaustion, while either doing celebratory snow angels on the hardwoods, or simply enjoying the silence for bit. She deserves a serious break.

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