Wednesday, August 10, 2016

What is Going On Lately?

These were the only two images we could get of Mira this afternoon, when she wasn't crying. Her mornings have been relatively decent, but her afternoons have been horrible. She has been extremely irritable this week, around the same time every day - today she was literally screaming, with tears running down her cheeks, fogging up her glasses in the process. We have no idea what is provoking this, but it certainly has escalated this past week. Coincidentally, she has been having dry diapers in the morning - one today and one on Monday. Last time this happened, we ended up taking her in to the pediatrician's office, because she had a UTI. I hope this isn't the case. Fortunately, she has had wet diapers (and soiled ones) the rest of the day, but we have no idea why she is holding it through the night. Constipation certainly isn't the issue either, as things are moving along in that category. I'm not sure if her extreme irritability and the dry diapers are related. It's always a guessing game, as she obviously cannot communicate with us, other than through crying.

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