Sunday, August 7, 2016

Doing Better

Mira's irritability tapered off somewhat toward the end of last week and into the weekend. Ironically, we have some construction going on at the house - we are having all of the original windows, front door, and garage door replaced, so there has been a fair amount of noise happening during the day. Typically, Mira isn't too keen on loud noises, yet with all of the banging, nail guns, and sawing, she seems to be taking it all in stride. They won't be finished installing for at least another week to ten days, so hopefully her patience will continue while they continue to work. This is Mira's last week of summer vacation, so I am sure she is also anxious to get back into a school rhythm. Her myoclonic clusters subsided for a few days, but she started having them again this afternoon. Overall, she has been in a fairly decent mood this weekend, but did become irritable right before all of the seizure activity started. We only say one near tonic-clonic over the past 4-5 days, when we were out walking on Friday, she slouched forward and became very rigid, but the seizure didn't fully evolve into a TC.

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